Who is Karen Mowrey, The Voice Behind Karen’s Kraze

Hello and welcome to Karen’s Kraze. This is a place for you to come, relax and enjoy the rantings of yours truly. If you are looking for some helpful tips from honest lips, then you my friend, have come to the right place.

Well, let me introduce myself… I am Karen Mowrey. I am a freelance writer, photographer, creator and now blogger, from the South. I am hoping to spread my words all over the world. I have a lot to say and I plan on saying every bit of it here with all of you. Maybe, my words can help you on your journey through life. If I can help, one person, then I have succeeded. Writing is my passion and I want to share my stories with interested people, such as yourself.

I am married to the man of my dreams and have two beautiful children. My husband and I did not meet until our forties. Neither of us had any previous marriages and both were convinced we never would. That is, of course, until he walked through my front door. That moment was like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was instant magnetic energy consuming our every move. We have been together, in perfect harmony, ever since. We reside in the South and have lived here all of our lives. I have been to many amazing places and experienced life to the fullest. Along the way, I have learned a lot about life and people. And now, that I am older, I am ready to relax and enjoy the little things in life. It is the little things, of course, that mean the most. I will be posting often to share my life experience with you all.

That is what this blog is all about, my life experiences and the tips and tricks I picked up along the way. I want to share everything with you, my followers, so that you too, may learn a few helpful tips. I can hardly wait to let you all in to the wonderful world of Karen’s Kraze.

So, without further ado, welcome to Karen’s 

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