Do you believe in positive affirmations helping you by filling you with the positive energy needed to achieve your goals, gain financial freedom or change the way you look at yourself for the better? What if I told you that I found a product that helps you choose the specific affirmations you need at any point and place them all together to magnify the energy needed to set the affirmations in place? Well it is true and it is all packed into one adorably cute, little pouch that you can wear anywhere on or near you to gain the positive vibes. This amazing invention is called the Thought Catapulter and I am absolutely astonished by it.

How It Works

  There are many different card packs (explained below) that either come with the pouch or you can purchase separately. These card packs have been researched and tested to have the best outcome for each specific area of energy it focuses on. It has also been found to have exceptional results within each area tested. 

  These card packs are combined with a high powered magnet specifically designed for attracting positive energy waves. There are many factors that have been thoroughly researched and calculated within the designing stages of the Thought Catapulter. Some of these include; the type of magnet used along with the specific weight, shape and strength. Also, each specific card within each card pack has had extensive studies to tweak each card to have the most optimal experience. 

Card Packs

  There are many specific areas of you and your life in which these cards help you to manifest positive energy towards. Each one is designed for the perfect amount of energy for each issue. These packs include each area of focus here:

  • The Abundance Affirmations Cards (included with the Thought Catapulter)
  • The Abundance Affirmations Cards (supplemental – available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Physical Health Affirmations Cards (available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Emotional Health Group 1 (Abandonment, Rejection, Emotional Abuse, Physical Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Addiction, Anger, Anxiety, Panic, Betrayal, Unworthy, Self-Loathing, Undeserving, Wrongly Judged, Boundaries, Codependence, Overgiving, Self-Conscious, Guilt, Blaming Others, Shame, Concerned About What People Think, Provoking Jealousy – available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Emotional Health Group 2 (Depression, Despair, Hopelessness, Disconnected, Isolated, Alone, Unable To Fit In, Disrespected, Feeling Empty, Feeling Frozen, Stuck, Suppressed, Feeling Vulnerable, Grief, Indecision, Jealous – available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Emotional Health Group 3 (Judgemental, Quick to Judge, Lack of Confidence, Lack of Discipline, Lack of Focus, Lack of Concentration, Lack of Organization, Lack of Memory, Low Self-Esteem Feeling Not Good Enough, Feeling Not Ready – available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Emotional Health Group 4 (Lack of Success, Feeling Like a Failure, Loneliness, Lost, Obsessive-Compulsive/OCD, Paranoid, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Regret, Re-Thinking Past Events, Resentment, Sadness, Self Sabotage, Things Never Work Out, Feeling Sorry for Myself, Time Management – available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Emotional Health Group 5 (Trust Issues, Mistrust, Unable to Trust, Unappreciated, Unheard, Unsupported, Worry – available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Relationship (available to purchase for a small fee)
  • Weight-loss (available to purchase for a small fee)

 The Thought Catapulter can influence abundance, health, emotions, weight-loss, positivity in work and in relationships. This is perfect for anyone who is interested in manifestation, law of attraction, positive thinking, and subtle energy. This is the way to get your mind and energy flowing together smoothly and in perfect harmony. 

My Experience With The Thought Catapulter

  The first week of having the Thought Catapulter, things were not going so well. It seemed like every little thing was going wrong at the same time. I was so depressed, I did not want to do anything. My appetite slowed and I was starting to get a sinus infection. My emotional health was literally making me sick.

  I was in a very dark place in my mind. You see, the past ten years have been very difficult for me. I had been through too many traumatic situations and knew a few too many psychopaths to have a positive outlook on life. I was fearful of everything and everyone. I would not leave my house or hang out with anyone. My husband and I were arguing, because I could not trust anyone, including him. I felt like I was fighting a war inside my own head and I was losing.

  When I first heard of the Thought Catapulter, I was very skeptical. I have heard of manifesting but I really had not researched it nor did I believe that it really worked. I decided to research the Thought Catapulter and found some very interesting views about it. So, I gave it a try and honestly, I could not be more pleased. 

  I found the perfect cards for every problem I had, with my self and with my life, and placed them all in the Thought Catapulter. I, then, programmed my mind to truly believe and vision every bit of what I placed in the pouch.

  You see, that is how this all works. Think of it like this, if a person with a negative attitude walks into a room with a person with a positive attitude, the person with the strongest vibe can ultimately change the other’s attitude. So, if the negative attitude was stronger than the positive attitude, the positive attitude could be changed to the negative or vice versa. This is why people tell you to keep your head up or keep a positive attitude because it can literally bounce around. As a matter of fact, it can bounce right back to you. 

  Think of this, you have a test to take that you are extremely nervous about because you feel that you will fail. This test is very important and you absolutely cannot fail. If you walk in to take the test and you have a negative outlook, how likely are you to pass the test? To tell you the truth, the chances are slim with a negative outlook. You begin to doubt yourself and will lose concentration and forget what you studied.

  Now, walk into the same room to take the same test with a positive outlook and your chances of passing increase immensely. The positive vibes are flowing smoothly and allowing you to focus on the test instead of failing. Now, add this positivity to the science behind the Thought Catapulter and you have yourself one amazing little pouch.

  By the second and third week with the Thought Catapulter, I could really tell a difference in everything I did or thought. The second week I was still getting used to thinking about myself life in a way I had never thought before. That is why it is so important to give the Thought Catapulter time to work. It is best to give it 90 days, however, after the second week I was hooked. Once I realized how negative my thoughts were and how much it affected my entire life, I absolutely could not allow that cute little pouch out of my sight.

  The last week of my first 30 days with the Thought Catapulter, I was literally on my knees thanking God for bringing it into my life. I needed it so much more than I could have ever realized. My life has changed drastically for the better. My husband and I hardly argue anymore, I can trust him so much more now. Or should I say, I can trust my thoughts about him now. I could always trust him, I just did not know that I could. My work is picking up and I am able to work with a clear head. My overall life has changed for the better with this amazing invention. 

  Finding the Thought Catapulter has literally changed my life and made my normal thoughts positive. If you have ever wanted to make your entire life better, you have to start with yourself. The Thought Catapulter is the most amazing invention to change your life forever. If you want true happiness get your own Thought Catapulter now…

  My experience with the Thought Catapulter has been absolutely amazing. My thoughts are positive and inspiring instead of constant negativity. It is almost as if I have been lifted out of a dark place by almost no effort. I never knew how important it is to keep a positive mind frame. The fact that one negative thought can send negative energy into your life, is frightening. It is almost impossible to not think negatively. Now, it is almost impossible for me not to think positive. 

  The energy around me is amazing. I can get more work done, better and faster. My brain does not automatically tell me I am not good enough, or that I do not belong. I feel well and strong, I feel like I can accomplish anything. This has truly influenced my life for the better. I am so very lucky to have found the Thought Catapulter. I absolutely love it and I know my followers will as well, that is why I am sharing this with you all now. So, hit the link, check it out, get your very own Thought Catapulter and start a new life with positive energy and thoughts today. 

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